Standards of Professional Conduct

The SPTRB is responsible for establishing and administering the professional standards of conduct and competence for teachers in Saskatchewan. 


Professional Standards: 
  •  set out the key principles of good conduct and practice
  •  are expected and achievable behaviours
  •  guide judgements and decisions
  •  inform registered teachers, parents, guardians, learners and the general public about the manner in which registered teachers are
      expected to conduct themselves.

The Standards Development Committee has proposed the following as the SPTRB’s Standards of Conduct: 
  1.  Registered teachers base their relationships with learners on mutual trust and respect.
Registered teachers have regard for the safety and well-being of learners in their care.
  3.  Registered teachers act with honesty and integrity.

Registered teachers take responsibility for maintaining the quality of their practice
Registered teachers uphold public trust and confidence in the education profession.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Standards Survey, which was open during the 2017/2018 Registration Period.  The Standards Development Committee is currently reviewing the feedback.  Your input will be considered as the Committee works to ensure the Standards accurately describe what it means to be an educator in Saskatchewan.