AQC Technical or Vocational Programs

Technical and vocational programs are those programs offered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic and other approved* educational institutions and universities that the Registrar has recognized for the AQC.  Courses must consist of a minimum of 28 weeks of training and result in a diploma or certificate.  The diploma or certificate must relate to courses of study used in Saskatchewan schools.

Teachers intending to enrol in a technical or vocational program should contact the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board to ensure that the Registrar will recognize the program.

Recognized Certificate or Diploma Programs:

♦ Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology
♦ Agriculture, Diploma
♦ Applied Photography
♦ Architectural and Building Technologies
♦ Architectural and Interior Technologies
♦ Associate of The Royal Conservatory (ARCT)
♦ Auto Body Technician
♦ Automotive Service Technician
♦ Automotive Service Technology
♦ Business
♦ Business Administration, Certificate
♦ Business: Computer Information Systems Specialty
♦ Business Diploma Specialties: Accountancy
♦ CAD/CAM Engineering Technology
♦ Carpentry
♦ Carpentry and Production Line Welding (Great Plains College)  
♦ Chemical Technician
♦ Child and Youth Care Counsellor Diploma (Mount Royal University) 
♦ Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology
♦ Computer Systems Technology
♦ Cosmetologist
♦ Dispute Resolution Advanced Certificate
♦ Early Childhood Education  
♦ Early Childhood Education, Diploma (Bowman College)
♦ Electrical Engineering Technology
♦ Electronic Systems Engineering Technology
♦ Electronics Engineering Technology
♦ Electronics Service Technician
♦ Electronics Technician
♦ Entrepreneurship and Small Business
♦ Esthetician
♦ Food and Nutrition Management
♦ Forest Ecosystem Technology

♦ Graphic Arts Production
♦ Hairstylist
♦ Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport Technician Certificate
♦ Prairie Horticulture Certificate Program (University of Saskatchewan)
♦ Hotel and Restaurant Administration
♦ Integrated Resource Management
♦ Library and Information Technology Diploma
♦ Library Training Certificate (Red River College)
♦ Licensed Practical Nurse
♦ Machine Shop
♦ Mechanical Engineering Technology
♦ Media Arts Production
♦ Medical Laboratory Technologist Diploma
♦ Micro-Electronics Technician
♦ New Media Communications
♦ Nursing Program, Diploma
♦ Office Education
♦ Pork Production Technician
♦ Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Certificate
♦ Professional Cooking
♦ Radiation Environmental Technician Certificate
♦ Recreation and Leisure Management
♦ Rehabilitation Worker Diploma (Certificate program is not recognized)
♦ Resource and Environmental Law
♦ Tourism Management
♦ Water Resources Engineering Technology Diploma
♦ Website Design and Development
♦ Welding
♦ Youth Care Diploma Program
♦ Youth Care Worker Certificate

*An approved educational institution must be a member of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges or an acceptable accrediting agency in another jurisdiction.