Strategic Priorities 2016-2021

Develop a comprehensive, long-term communication plan that:

     •  Informs teachers and the public about the objectives and processes of self-regulation.
     •  Develops among teachers and the public an appreciation of the value of self-regulation. 
     •  Improves the transparency of the SPTRB's functions.
     •  Assures clear, consistent and timely information is provided to stakeholders.
     •  Teachers and employers of teachers understand their obligations under the Registered Teachers Act

Develop a stakeholder relationship building plan that:
     •  Fosters communication, understanding and trust between Saskatchewan's education sector
        organizations and the SPTRB.
     •  Clearly delineates the responsibilities of the SPTRB from those of the other sector organizations.
     •  Leads to support of the SPTRB's work by the other sector organizations and by the SPTRB to the other
     •  Encourages the participation of First Nations in the teacher regulatory system.

Enhance Board and committee effectiveness and accountability through:
     •  Professional development and good governance.
     •  Identification, review and improvement of Board and committee practices.
     •  Implementation of formal accountability measures.
     •  Effective policy development and implementation.

Administer the Registered Teachers Act such that:
     •  Business systems and processes are customer focused.
     •  The certification and registration processes are sound.
     •  Applications for certification are processed in a timely and efficient manner.
     •  Complaints against teachers are investigated in a timely and thorough manner.
     •  Only fit and proper persons are registered with the SPTRB.

Run an efficient and cost effective organization by:
     •  Managing resources effectively and achieve maximum impact and cost effectiveness through
        careful financial planning, monitoring and control.
     •  Supporting staff to ensure they have the skills necessary to support our strategic aims.
     •  Supporting Board and committee members in fulfilling their roles.

Set standards and promote high-quality professional learning for all registrants at all stages in their careers by:
     •  Developing a continuing education strategy for registrants.
     •  Developing a currency of practice for registrants.

Practice strategic risk management so as to:
     •  Identify potential events that may affect the SPTRB.
     •  Manage risk.
     •  Provide assurance that the SPTRB is able to fulfill its mandate.