The work of the SPTRB is led by the Board of Directors and is supported by various committees. SPTRB committees are tasked with a variety of functions and include the involvement of registered teachers, representatives from the education sector in Saskatchewan, and members of the public. The important functions carried out by the SPTRB’s committees would not be possible without the dedication of our Board of Directors and volunteers contributing to the profession with their time and expertise. 

The Appointments Committee is established for the purposes of: reviewing applications for and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for appointments to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) or Discipline Committee (DC) Panel, appointing members of the PCC Panel to a PCC and appointing members of the DC Panel to a Discipline Committee.

Ryan Boughen
Chris Garner
Markus Rubrecht

SPTRB’s Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the accounting process of the board and reviewing the effectiveness of the internal control, risk management, and both internal and independent audit systems.

Markus Rubrecht
Tom Schonhoffer

The SPTRB’s Certificate Reinstatement Review Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for re-certification to reinstate a teacher’s certificate.

Robin Bellamy
The Certification Decision Review Committee is a sub-committee of the Teacher Education and Certification Committee which hears and decides appeals of teacher certification decisions made by the registrar on behalf of the SPTRB’s Board of Directors. 

Jill Tressel
Garry Craswell

Fay Humbert

The SPTRB’s Discipline Committee is responsible for hearing complaints of misconduct and incompetence and for determining appropriate disciplinary action to be taken when parties are found guilty.

Public Representative - Sandy Antonini
Public Representative - Robin Bellamy
Public Representative - Trevor Forrest
Public Representative - Tom Schonhoffer (Chairperson)
Registered Teacher - Gene Aulinger
Registered Teacher - Jacqueline Bouck
Registered Teacher - John Bumbac
Registered Teacher - David DePape
Registered Teacher - Mark Hastings
Registered Teacher - Don Lee
Registered Teacher - Yasmina Lemieux
Registered Teacher - Dean Miezianko
Registered Teacher - Darcy Sander

The SPTRB’s Governance Committee is responsible for ensuring that the board fulfils its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance of the SPTRB.

Robin Bellamy
Linda Blaser-Fiddler
Kimberlee Schlageter

The SPTRB’s Human Resources Committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Salary Schedule and advising on Human Resource policies of the SPTRB.

Ryan Boughen - Chairperson
Tom Schonoffer
Jill Tressel

The Professional Conduct Committee oversees the investigation of complaints of misconduct and incompetence lodged with the SPTRB and decides how best to resolve these matters.

Public Representative - Jacqueline Messer-Lepage
Public Representative - Neil Wylie
Registered Teacher - Natasha Cochran
Registered Teacher - Neil Doell
Registered Teacher - Nora Findlay
Registered Teacher - Len Lorenz
Registered Teacher - Kimberly Marshall
Registered Teacher - Dan Mielke
Registered Teacher - Shawn Morris
Registered Teacher - Arlene Syrota
Registered Teacher - Len Thomas
Registered Teacher - Kenneth (Dale) West

The Standards Development Committee is established for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the Standards of Conduct for registrants of the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board.

Registered Teacher - Steve Fraser
Registered Teacher - Sandra Hagenes
Registered Teacher - Courtney Hildebrand
Registered Teacher - Andrea McKinley
Registered Teacher - Daniel Mielke

The Strategic Planning Committee is established for the purpose of developing the SPTRB's five-year strategic plan for September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2026.

Linda Blaser-Fiddler
Ryan Boughen
Chris Garner
Jill Tressel

The SPTRB’s Teacher Education and Certification Committee is responsible for setting the criteria for teacher education program approval, reviewing teacher education programs, and determining the qualifications, standards and procedures for the issuing of teacher’s certificates.

First Nations University of Canada - Angelina Weenie
Gabriel Dumont Institute - Michael Relland
League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan - Laurie Gatzke
Ministry of Education - Gerry Craswell
Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board - Jill Tressel
Saskatchewan School Boards Association - Bob Simpson
Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation - Fay Humbert
University of Regina - Val Mulholland
University of Saskatchewan - Dawn Wallin