Services for Educators

Teachers may obtain a replacement copy of their Saskatchewan teacher's certificate. The SPTRB has introduced a new certificate format. The new 8"x10" format is suitable for framing and displaying in a classroom or office. 

To order: 
•  Access the online Replacement Certificate Application by signing in to your SPTRB account.
     •  Select Educator Profile > Applications > Replacement Certificate > Apply.
Upload your Marriage Certificate / Change of Name Certificate / Divorce Certificate if your name has changed.
     •  Non-refundable fee: $26.25 (includes GST). 

Teachers who hold a valid Saskatchewan teacher's certificate, or were ever issued a Saskatchewan teacher's certificate, may be required to present a Statement of Professional Standing as part of their application for a teacher’s certificate in another province or country.

To order:
     •  Access the 
online Statement of Professional Standing Application by signing in to your SPTRB account. 
     •  Select Educator Profile > Applications > Statement of Professional Standing > Apply.

     •  A separate application and fee must be submitted for each certification authority that requires a Statement
        of Professional Standing

     •  The Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) is mailed directly to the certification authority. PLEASE NOTE:  If
        you request a SPS be sent to either BC or Alberta, a copy of the SPS will also automatically be sent to the
        Teacher Qualification Service office.  

     •  A Statement of Professional Standing is not issued for Temporary Teaching Permits (formerly Probationary

     •  Any certificate cancellation/suspension information will be noted on the Statement of Professional Standing
     •  Non-refundable fee: $52.50 (includes GST). 

An employer may authorize a Temporary Teaching Permit application for an individual who does not hold a Saskatchewan teacher's certificate if they are unable to recruit a teacher who holds a Saskatchewan teacher's certificate to fill a vacant teaching position.

Initial Application $105.00 (includes GST). 
Subsequent Applications $26.25 (includes GST). 


Initial Temporary Teaching Permit Application
Initial Temporary Teaching Permit_FRENCH

Subsequent Temporary Teaching Permit Application
Subsequent Temporary Teaching Permit_FRENCH

Employers must complete an Authorization to Teach form and provide to teachers to submit with their online Temporary Teaching Permit applications.

Authorization to Teach - TTP

Applications will be assessed once ALL required documents have been received. A general timeline for processing applications is 5 business days. Exact processing times will depend on the complexity of the application.

Applicants with employment pending the issuance of their teacher's certificate may upload confirmation of employment along with their teacher's certificate application. A general timeline for processing applications with employment is 5 business days. Exact processing times will depend on the complexity of the application.  

Confirmation of Employment

Teachers who require a name change for their record must send a copy of their name change document / marriage certificate / name change certificate to the SPTRB via fax or email along with a statement of when the change took effect and their current legal name.

     •  Fax: 306-352-0022

Teachers who have credentials to update for their record must have their official transcripts sent directly to the SPTRB from the issuing institution:

      Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB)
      204-3775 Pasqua Street           
      Regina, SK  S4S 6W8