AQC Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are those developed for teachers by the University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan. The Teacher Education and Certification Committee (TECC) of the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) reviews and approves the programs.

These programs are 30 semester hours in length and are comprised of senior undergraduate coursework or graduate study. The certificate programs are related to the program of studies used in Saskatchewan schools or other approved disciplines and address provincial needs identified by the TECC.

Teachers intending to enrol in a Certificate Program offered by a university should contact the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board to ensure that the TECC has approved the program.  

Approved Certificate Programs:

      Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (University of Saskatchewan) 
    Certificate en français langue seconde (University of Regina)
     Certificate in French Language Proficiency (Athabasca University)
     Certificate of Extended Studies* (University of Regina)
     Certificate of Extended Studies for School Librarians (University of Regina) - This program is no longer offered.  The diploma program offered by the University of Alberta is recognized as long as it includes 30 semester hours of approved coursework. 
     Certificate of Extended Studies in Aboriginal Education (University of Regina) - No more than 9 semester hours of introductory coursework will be allowed in this program. 
     Certificate of Extended Studies in Early Childhood Education (University of Regina) 
     Certificate of Extended Studies in First Nations Languages (University of Regina) 
     Certificate of Extended Studies in Inclusive Education (University of Regina) 
     Certificate in Intercultural Leadership Program (First Nations University of Canada) 
     Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (University of Regina) 
     Early Childhood Diploma (University of Alberta) - This program has been approved provided that an additional 6 semester hours of coursework in Early Childhood Education be completed following completion of the Diploma. 
     Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Langara College) 
     Home Economics Education Diploma (University of British Columbia) 
     Indigenous Language Certificate (University of Saskatchewan) 
     Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (SaskPolytech) 
     Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (offered by Manitoba universities) - Educational Administration  
     Post-Degree Certificate in Career and Guidance Studies (University of Saskatchewan) 
     Post-Degree Certificate in Education: Special Education (University of Saskatchewan) 
     Post-Degree Certificate in English as an Additional Language Education (University of Saskatchewan) 
     Practical and Applied Arts Certificate (University of Saskatchewan) 
     University Diploma in Inclusive Education (Athabasca University) - Specific courses must be selected to qualify for an AQC. See details here

* Applicants must design their certificate program to meet the criteria for an SPTRB AQC. The subject-area may be selected by the applicant, and program plan must be submitted to the SPTRB Registrar for approval prior to beginning the program. 

Please Note: Teachers who complete a similar program in another jurisdiction must submit program and course descriptions to the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board when applying for an AQC.