Special Education Teacher Qualification Letter

Please note:  The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board will assume responsibility for the administration of the Special Education Teacher Qualification (SETQ) Letter on January 1, 2020.  The Special Education Teacher Qualification Letter will cease being issued on December 1, 2020.

Persons who complete a Major or Minor in Special Education meet Saskatchewan’s requirements to be a Special Education teacher.

1.     Eligibility
You are eligible to apply for a SETQ Letter if you hold a Professional A Teaching Certificate, as well as 18 credits of study in the following areas:
        •     Area 1:  Speech and Language - 3 credits 
    Area 2:  Individual Assessment - 3 credits
  Area 3:  Programming for Students with Exceptional Needs - 3 credits
  Area 4:  Elective Special Education Courses - 9 credits

2.     How to Apply

Arrange for an official transcript(s) to be sent directly to the SPTRB by the post-secondary institution(s) you attended:

Re: SETQ Application
204-3775 Pasqua Street
Regina SK S4S 6W8

Complete the Special Education Teacher Qualification Letter Application Form located here.

Email the form to general@sptrb.ca with SETQ Application in the subject line.

Special Education Teacher Qualification Letters will be sent to recipients by email.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q   I’m not sure if or how my courses fit into the Required Courses Subject Areas and how to complete that portion of the application form.
A   If you’re unsure, please provide a list of courses which you have completed and you think meet the requirements for the SETQ and a SPTRB Certification Analyst will allocate them to the correct Area utilizing your transcripts.
Q   What if I am not able to complete the requirements for the SETQ Letter before December 1, 2020?
A    Individuals who complete all or part of SETQ requirements after December 1, 2020 will not receive the SETQ letter. Alternatively, they can demonstrate their education in special education to their employer(s) via resumes and transcripts and/or work toward an Additional Qualification Certificate. 
Q          What are ‘micro credentials’ and where can I find more information about them?
A    Micro credentials are academic credentials that involve fewer courses than a certificate or diploma program.  

Please contact the Faculty of Education Office at the University of Regina or the College of Education office at the University of Saskatchewan for information on any current or planned Special Education/Inclusive Education micro-credentials.

Q   Does a Master of Education in Special Education degree qualify for a Special Education qualification?

  A Special Education qualification in Saskatchewan may be obtained by holding a Master of Education degree in Special Education completed at a recognized degree-granting institution. Once complete we encourage you to supply official transcripts to the SPTRB and we will add the credential to your SPTRB profile.  This allows your employer to access this information.  A SETQ Letter is not required