I'm certified by the SPTRB....Now What?

Your 8.5 x 11 Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate will be mailed to you at the address provided in your educator portal.  Please ensure that your personal information is always up-to-date in your SPTRB Educator Portal.  

You have conditions that must be met before you will be issued a permanent teacher's certificate.  Your provisional certificate is valid for one year - it is your responsibility to renew your certificate before it expires and provide the requested documents in order to remove the conditions.  Please note that if your certificate expires, your registration is no longer valid.  To renew your provisional certificate or apply for a permanent certificate once your conditions have been met, sign in to your educator portal and complete the online Provisional Certificate Renewal and Removal of Conditions application form.

With the issuing of your Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate, you will automatically be registered for the current school year.  In order to teach in Saskatchewan, you must hold a valid teacher's certificate and be registered for the current school year.  You can view and print your wallet-sized Registration Verification card from your educator portal.  In subsequent years, you will be responsible for completing the Registration Renewal Application during the registration period of June 1 - August 31.

All registered teachers appear on the public registry in the current year in which they are registered and working as a teacher.  The public can verify that teachers are in good standing.

Once you have been issued a teacher's certificate, you can log on to your educator portal to access the online Statement of Professional Standing application.  Your statement will be mailed directly to the certification authority that you provide.  Fee - $50.00 plus GST

You can apply for an Additional Qualification Certificate (AQC) by logging on to your educator portal and completing an online application.  Further details about AQCs can be found at www.sptrb.ca.   Fee - $50.00 plus GST

You can order a Replacement Certificate by logging on to your educator portal and submitting a Replacement Certificate Application.  Fee - $25.00 plus GST