Professional Conduct Committee panel 

Public Representative - Jacqueline Messer-Lepage

Public Representative - Neil Wylie
Registered Teacher - Natasha Cochran
Registered Teacher - Neil Doell
Registered Teacher - Nora Findlay
Registered Teacher - Len Lorenz
Registered Teacher - Kimberly Marshall
Registered Teacher - Dan Mielke
Registered Teacher - Shawn Morris
Registered Teacher - Arlene Syrota
Registered Teacher - Len Thomas
Registered Teacher - Kenneth (Dale) West

Discipline Committee panel

Public Representative - Sandy Antonini
Public Representative - Robin Bellamy

Public Representative - Trevor Forrest

Public Representative - Tom Schonhoffer (Chairperson)

Registered Teacher - Gene Aulinger
Registered Teacher - Jacqueline Bouck
Registered Teacher - John Bumbac

Registered Teacher - David DePape
Registered Teacher - Mark Hastings
Registered Teacher - Don Lee
Registered Teacher - Yasmina Lemieux
Registered Teacher - Dean Miezianko
Registered Teacher - Darcy Sander

Appointments Committee

Darrell Burko
Chris Garner
Markus Rubrecht

Audit Committee
Robin Bellamy
Darrell Burko
Markus Rubrecht

Certificate Reinstatement Review Committee
Robin Bellamy

Governance Committee
Robin Bellamy
Linda Blaser-Fiddler
Kimberlee Schlageter

Human Resources Committee

Robin Bellamy
Ryan Boughen
Jill Tressel

Teacher Education and Certification Committee

First Nations University of Canada - Angelina Weenie

Gabriel Dumont Institute - Michael Relland

League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan - Laurie Gatzke

Ministry of Education - Gerry Craswell
Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board - Jill Tressel

Saskatchewan School Boards Association - Bob Simpson

Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation - Fay Humbert

University of Regina - Val Mulholland

University of Saskatchewan - Dawn Wallin

Certification Decision Review Committee

Jill Tressel
Gerry Craswell
Fay Humbert

Standards Development Committee
Registered Teacher - Steve Fraser
Registered Teacher - Sandra Hagenes
Registered Teacher - Courtney Hildebrand
Registered Teacher - Andrea McKinley
Registered Teacher - Daniel Mielke