Consensual Complaint Resolution Agreements

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) may deem a complaint appropriate for a consensual complaint resolution agreement (CCRA).  A CCRA is a process by which a teacher admits to having committed misconduct or incompetence and consents to taking measures to rectify the situation that led to the complaint.  Complaints referred for consensual complaint resolution must be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the teacher who is the subject of the complaint and the PCC.  All CCRA’s are made public on the SPTRB’s website.

Chapman, Brian    2017    Chapman Agreement 
Straile, Jason
  2017    Straile Agreement
Rudnicki, Curtis   2017   Rudnicki Agreement
Ross, Douglas   2017   Ross Agreement
MacLean, Kathleen   2017   MacLean Agreement
Saarela, Heather   2018   Saarela Agreement
Priel, Cherie   2018   Priel Agreement
Lozinski, Reid   2018   Lozinski Agreement

Other Agreements

In some situations, the SPTRB will determine it necessary to enter into agreements with individuals related to disciplinary matters.  These agreements are in addition to (and not in lieu of) the standard disciplinary process and are typically protective in nature.


Cessation Agreements

Rather than seek a temporary suspension of a teacher’s certificate from the courts, a more efficient means of achieving the same result is for the teacher to formally agree to cease certain activities.  Some circumstances require making the agreement and its contents available to the public to inform the public and to protect the public interest.

 Lundgren, Rhett   2017     Lundgren Agreement