About Self-Regulating Professions

With the proclamation of the Registered Teachers Act  on July 1, 2015 the government of Saskatchewan granted the teachers of Saskatchewan the privilege of becoming a self-regulating profession.

Self-regulating professions are granted the authority to license and the ability to discipline licensees.

The licensing power is the authority to decide who shall be permitted to earn their living by the pursuit of a particular calling. This means that a self-regulating profession acts as gatekeeper to its profession in the assessment of the qualifications of prospective members. Once an individual becomes a member of a profession, the self-regulating profession has the power to regulate the conduct of the licensee by establishing rules of practice and standards of conduct enforceable through a discipline process.

Professions granted self-regulating status are charged with the responsibility not only to see that persons licensed are qualified, but that all qualified applicants are licensed. The public has a genuine and very real interest in knowing that the members of self-regulating professions are properly trained and have good ethical standards. That being so, it is the responsible and experienced members of a profession who are in the best position to set the standards and qualifications to be met by those wishing to practice the profession.

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