Temporary Teaching Permits

Temporary Teaching Permits are intended for the use in emergent situations where a board of education, conseil scolaire, or a recognized employer of teachers is unable to fill a vacancy normally filled by a person who holds a teacher's certificate.

An employer may submit a request to authorize a Temporary Teaching Permit application for an individual who does not hold a
 Saskatchewan teacher's certificate and meets the TTP requirements. A TTP grants the holder eligibility to teach a specific subject(s), grade(s), or to substitute teach with a specific employer. TTPs are issued to individuals who do not qualify for any other permanent or provisional teacher's certificate.

A TTP is valid for only the school year in which it was issued and only for that specific employer.

A TTP will only be issued in association with a temporary/term contract or substitute teaching.

For more details on the requirements, please see Schedule D  of the SPTRB Regulatory Bylaws.

The basic requirements for a TTP include:

  High school graduation at least 4 years prior 
    Some post-secondary education or specialized skill (i.e. mastery of a specific language) [preferred] 
  Employers must also provide: 
   ■   Authorization to teach form indicating the specific assignment. 
     ■  Proof that the position was widely advertised, and a reasonable effort was taken to recruit a certified teacher to the position. 

Only in exceptional circumstances will a Temporary Teaching Permit be considered, for the purpose of substitute teaching, or teaching of First Nation Languages for mature individuals who have not completed high school. Directors of Education should contact the SPTRB Registrar prior to the candidate submitting the TTP application as these situations will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you are a current post-secondary student, please see information below to determine if you are eligible for a TTP. Post-secondary student TTP applications, for the purpose of substitute teaching, will only be accepted until April 30, 2024, for the 2023-2024 school year.

Authorization to Teach Form (Must be completed by employer)

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To access the initial Temporary Teaching Permit application
(completed by applicant):

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To access the subsequent Temporary Teaching Permit application (completed by applicant):

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All application fees are non-refundable and non-transferrableApplications will be assessed once ALL required documents have been received. A general timeline for processing applications is 5 business days (Contract employment)/10 business days (Substitute Teaching). Exact processing times will depend on the complexity of the application.
Applications Current Post-Secondary Students
Post-secondary student TTP applications, for the purpose of substitute teaching, will no longer be processed for the 2023-2024 school year.