Other Careers in Education

Completing a teacher education program from another country opens doors to various careers beyond the provincial school setting in Saskatchewan. Trained educators have skill sets that are easily transferrable to a variety of occupations, particularly to human service professions or "helping professions". Two of these occupations are early childhood educator and educational assistant.

A significant benefit of working with young children is the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Working with children during their most developmentally important years can be very fulfilling and provides workers in these occupations with a sense of purpose. In addition to post-secondary education, common characteristics of those who work with young children include:

     ♦  Passion and understanding about educating young children
     ♦  Sound judgement
     ♦  Patience
     ♦  Flexibility
     ♦  Respect
     ♦  Creativity
     ♦  High energy
     ♦  Sense of humour

Licensed Child Care Centres
Regulated by the Government of Saskatchewan, licensed child care centres provide care for infants to school-aged children. Programming, based on the Ministry of Education's Play and Exploration: Early Learning Program Guide, is designed for children at different stages of development. Centres must meet standards of care and staff members include professionals with training in early childhood education.

A good way to start looking for a position is to contact the licensed child care centres in your community. Job opportunities are regularly posted online at saskjobs.ca. When applying for a position in a child care centre, you will be asked if you are certified as an Early Childhood Educator.  

There are three categories of ECE Certification: ECE I, II and III. Each are granted by the Ministry of Education after the completion of an ECE program from an approved post-secondary institution or after an individual has finished an equivalent amount of post-secondary coursework. For more information on the certification process, please click here.

Licensed Family Child Care Homes
Regulated by the Government of Saskatchewan, licensed family child care homes provide child care services in a provider's home. The aim of the program is to have young children cared for by a warm and caring person in a safe environment. An environment that also meets their developmental needs and supports and respects their families. Home providers must complete one post-secondary course that is related to early childhood and group home providers and, over a certain period of time, must complete two more post-secondary courses. More information can be accessed at saskatchewan.ca and then searching "licensed family child care homes".

Unlicensed Child Care
Unlicensed family child care homes are not monitored by the Ministry of Education, but they are expected to follow the regulations regarding the child to caregiver ratios, which can be found at saskatchewan.ca and then searching "licensed child care in Saskatchewan" which will lead to "Number of Children in Care".

Preschools (also called playschools or nursery schools) are usually operated by private individuals or community groups such as a parent board or community association, etc. and they typically service three and four-year-olds who attend 1/2 days during the week. They are not necessarily led by certified teachers and there are no regulations governing the operation of preschools in Saskatchewan. Locating preschools in a community for employment opportunities is typically done by searching online or through the local telephone book.

Before and After School Programs

Before and After School Programs are typically for children grade 1 and older and are often run by school community councils or a third-party child care provider. Programming often includes indoor and outdoor play-based activities and snacks. There are no regulations governing the operation of before and after school programs in Saskatchewan schools. Employment or volunteer opportunities could be explored by connecting with the schools in your community.

Casual Recreation and Camp Programs

These seasonal, part-time or drop-in programs and camps for children, typically preschool/school-aged, are often run by municipalities, community associations, non-profit educational facilities or private children's organizations such as art studios. Programming for children may include physical activity, science, and the arts. Employment with such programs can be explored by connecting with the respective organization. Often searching the website of each organization will assist in learning about employment opportunities.  

Educational Assistant
Educational assistants work under the direction of the classroom teacher to provide personal care and learning assistance for students with intensive needs. If you like working one-on-one with children with different needs, and you want to see them included in the classroom, becoming an educational assistant might be the career for you. Educational assistants work in elementary, junior high and high schools in communities around the province.  School divisions offer full-time, part-time and casual positions. Job postings can be found on saskjobs.ca or by accessing specific school division job boards. For a list of school divisions, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The career choices listed above may offer full-time, part-time, or casual opportunities for employment.  

For further information about employment services in Saskatchewan, visit the Ministry of Economy Labour Market Services.   

For information about moving to Saskatchewan, visit the Ministry of Economy Settlement Services.