Standards of Competence


Section 32 of the Registered Teachers Act defines professional incompetence:


Professional incompetence is a question of fact, but the display by a registered teacher of a lack of knowledge, skill or judgment or a disregard for the welfare of a student or other member of the public served by the profession of a nature or to an extent that demonstrates that the registered teacher is unfit to:

a.  continue in the practice of the profession; or  
           b.  provide one or more services ordinarily provided as a part of the practice of the profession;  

is professional incompetence within the meaning of this Act.


The standards of competence for registered teachers are set out in the SPTRB’s Regulatory Bylaws:


3.01  (1)  The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board adopts the Standards of Competence as set out in Schedule H.  

          (2)  Without restricting the generality of section 32 of the Act, the Standards of Competence are to be used by the Professional Conduct Committee and the Discipline Committee when considering the matter of a registered teacher’s competence.  

Schedule H

Registrants of the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board shall:

1.  Create and maintain an environment that encourages and demonstrates a commitment to student learning and student well-being.  
           2.  Demonstrate a professional level of knowledge about the curriculum and the skills and judgment required to apply this knowledge effectively.  
  3.  Demonstrate and support a repertoire of instructional strategies and methods that are applied in teaching activities.  
  4.  Carry out professional responsibilities for student assessment and evaluation.  
  5.  Reflect upon the goals and experience of professional practice, and adapt one’s teaching accordingly.  
  6.  Work with colleagues in mutually supportive ways and develop effective professional relationships with members of the educational community.  
  7.  Conduct all professional relationships in ways that are consistent with principles of equity, fairness and respect for others.  


Teacher Certification Competencies

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