Standards of Professional Conduct

The SPTRB is responsible for establishing and administering the professional standards of conduct and competence for teachers in Saskatchewan. 

Professional Standards: 

   •  set out the key principles of good conduct and practice   
   •  are expected and achievable behaviours   
   •  guide judgements and decisions   
          •  inform registered teachers, parents, guardians, learners and the general public about the manner in which registered teachers are expected to conduct themselves   

Standards provide accountability and transparent expectations as it relates to conduct and competence of teachers. As such, the public knows the type of conduct and competence that they can expect from registered teachers. Additionally, standards allow registered teachers to declare and be accountable to the profession and the public as to the types of conduct and competence that are expected within the teaching profession. 


Standards of Conduct Brochure

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Normes de conduite professionnelle

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