If you would like to teach in Saskatchewan’s pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 education system, you must hold a Saskatchewan teacher’s certificate issued by the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board. Certificates are also required to work in registered independent schools and may be required by schools operated by First Nations. Teachers who have been issued a teacher's certificate and are working as teachers are required to register annually with the SPTRB.   

According to Section 198 of the Education Act, 1995:  “No person shall be engaged, appointed, employed or retained as a teacher or principal in any school unless that person holds a valid teacher’s certificate.” A teacher’s certificate “certifies” that its holder has met the requirements, established by the SPTRB, to become a member of the teaching profession in Saskatchewan.

The requirements for a teacher's certificate in Saskatchewan include:

   ♦  Complete grade 12 or equivalent;
   ♦  Complete 4 years of post-secondary education and hold a bachelor's degree;
   ♦  Complete a teacher education program comprised of at least 48 semester hours of teacher education that include an extended practicum;
   ♦  Hold a teaching certificate from the jurisdiction where teacher education was completed (if outside of Saskatchewan). 

For more details on academic requirements, please see Schedule F of the SPTRB Regulatory Bylaws.

PLEASE NOTE: If you hold a teaching certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction, you will qualify for a Saskatchewan teacher's certificate subject to Saskatchewan certification requirements and policies (i.e. conduct, language proficiency, and currency of practice). In some instances, the certificate may be issued as a Provisional certificate.  

If you would like to apply for a Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate, begin by reading the
Guide for Completing the Certification Application

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